Hold on loosely. But don’t let go.

When people ask my opinion on CrossFit, I always say it comes down to the coaches.

At this point, there is enough differentiation in the industry where it’s not appropriate to make sweeping generalizations – good, bad, or otherwise.

The best gyms (CrossFit or otherwise), operate in a culture of fun and learning. That is certainly the case with Whole Strength CrossFit in Nashville.

Owner Ryan Stemper invited me out to host a workshop for his staff of coaches and competing athletes. We covered the basics and progressions of the ballistic kettlebell lifts (swings, cleans, snatches), bottoms-up lifts, and more.

Check out the workshop video and timestamps below.

(And don’t mind the shiner – caught a hard knee in jiu-jitsu!)


2:30 – 90/90 Breathing

6:15 – Kettlebell Simple & Sinister Warm-up (Halos, Prying Goblet Squat, Glute Bridge)

20:45 – Kettlebell Deadlifts

29:07 – Hike Pass

32:40 – 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing

44:52 – 1-Hand Kettlebell Swing

56:30 – Partner Swing

1:01:50 – Hand-to-Hand Swing

1:03:45 – Kettlebell Rack Position

1:07:11 – Clean Drop

1:10:00 – Kettlebell Cleans

1:14:36 – Kettlebell Snatch

1:29:36 – Dan John Get-Back-Ups

1:33:39 – Bottoms-Up Clean & Press

1:44:40 – Bottoms-Up Squat

Interested in hosting me for a workshop experience at your facility? Drop me an email (Subject line: Workshop)

Topics may include: Beginner to advanced kettlebell skills, powerlifting, programming, coaching skills, and marketing.