Training Plans & Coaching Options To Make You
Strong as an Ox and Move Like A Ninja

Finally, a bodyweight training course that's meticulously designed for muscle gain and strength.


- 5 Phases (20 weeks) worth of training cycles to keep you progressing and avoiding common plateaus

- Mobility & Active Recovery units to keep you limber and injury-free

- Printable .PDF downloads & digital spreadsheet access so you can have your workouts printed out or on your phone/desktop

- Over 50 of my personal coaching videos so you can perform every exercise properly and maximize each rep

Here's how to master this incredible movement with a straightforward method, no matter what your current skill level.

The 7 Chapters Inside Playbook:

Struggling To Get Your First Rep?

Wake Up Your Sleepy Feet!

The Missing Link In Your Hips

A Suite of High-Impact Accessories & Progressions To Boost Raw Pistol Strength

How To Transform The Pistol From A "Party Trick" To A True Strength Builder

Pistol Squat Programming

Beyond The Classic Pistol