Training Plans & Coaching Options To Make You
Strong as an Ox and Move Like A Ninja

Pec Stick Secrets Course

Transform How Your Body Looks and Performs With The
Power of the "Pec Stick"

Kettlebell Foundations

A comprehensive beginners guide to kettlebell training.

Learn the progressions and skills you need to get started with kettlebells the right way.

- Full written and video lesson tutorials

- Step by step training 6-week training program

"I appreciate Zack's straightforward yet genial tone throughout this eBook - he breaks down each essential kettlebell movement with such precision (and brilliant use of images and videos) that you won't need to read any other book after this one.  

In fact, the full training programs Zack includes are worth the price of admission alone.

If you're a fan of Dan John like Zack and I are, you will find this eBook saddles up nicely with Dan's friendly dude-at-a-bar tone, yet sneakily packed with all the keys to fitness you'll ever need."  -- Nikki Veit

Kettlebell Synergy

Maximize Strength & Power (While Cutting Fat + Building Muscle)            With Just A Few Kettlebells

- 3 Phases of Strength + Conditioning Training

- Nutrition Video Course + Cheat Sheets

- Bonus # 1: Shoulder Synergy Guide

- Bonus #2: Supercharge Your Kettlebell Swing

21-Day Kettlebell Press Challenge

In just 3 weeks, you can expect to get markedly stronger, noticeably more muscular, and lose stubborn body fat with the power of the Kettlebell Press!

Swing + Push-up Challenge

Try our best time-crunched workouts you can do with just a kettlebell and your own body...

14 fun and fast workouts to will boost strength and burn fat

- Step-by-step tutorials for executing flawless swings and push-ups

- Access to our private Facebook group

Finally, a bodyweight training course that's meticulously designed for muscle gain and strength.


- 5 Phases (20 weeks) worth of training cycles to keep you progressing and avoiding common plateaus

- Mobility & Active Recovery units to keep you limber and injury-free

- Printable .PDF downloads & digital spreadsheet access so you can have your workouts printed out or on your phone/desktop

- Over 50 of my personal coaching videos so you can perform every exercise properly and maximize each rep

Here's how to master this incredible movement with a straightforward method, no matter what your current skill level.

The 7 Chapters Inside Playbook:

Struggling To Get Your First Rep?

Wake Up Your Sleepy Feet!

The Missing Link In Your Hips

A Suite of High-Impact Accessories & Progressions To Boost Raw Pistol Strength

How To Transform The Pistol From A "Party Trick" To A True Strength Builder

Pistol Squat Programming

Beyond The Classic Pistol

Follow me as I lead you through one of my signature hybrid-mobility routines.  

We will target the hips and hit them from all angles in this fun and effective workout!

I put this workout on film because I want you to experience what a typical "hybrid mobility" session looks like for my in-person clients.  

We'll get a lot done in a short amount of time and you'll leave feeling better than when you started!