Cast Iron vs. Competition Kettlebells

Cast Iron vs. Competition Kettlebells - What are the differences and do they matter? Good quality kettlebells are made according to one of two general design styles - competition kettlebells (so

The Ultimate Guide to the Kettlebell Press As lifters, we want shoulders that are both muscular and mobile, strong and stable. Whether you want a V-taper physique or the strength to hoist heavy iron with ease,

4 Kettlebell Press Mistakes (and how to fix them) The strict military press is pound-for-pound the hardest of the basic lifts to perform: A weight (kettlebell, barbell, household pet) is held motionless at the shoulders, then pressed vertically into a

The Ultimate Single-Leg Deadlift Guide

The deadlift and all its variations develop strength in the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back, and lats), and when performed on one leg, we stack up new levels of balance