The Ultimate Guide to the Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is a simple yet powerful total-body exercise and is the best way to learn how to squat with a kettlebell. In this article, we're breaking down the

The Bulgarian Goat Bag Swing

This goofy sounding exercise could be the missing link in your kettlebell workouts. Developing a strong, consistent hip hinge should be a top priority for new lifters. The hinge is the

Kettlebell Windmill Ultimate Guide

The kettlebell windmill is a classic strength/stretch lift that develops shoulder stability, core strength, and hip flexibility. Mastering the windmill will give you a powerful tool to get in touch with your lats and obliques and the pliability of your posterior chain.

The Ultimate Guide to the Turkish Get-Up

Buckle up y'all, because today we're breaking down the mighty Turkish Get-Up - one of the best kettlebell exercises you can do for your core strength, shoulder stability, and overall

Cast Iron vs. Competition Kettlebells

Cast Iron vs. Competition Kettlebells - What are the differences and do they matter? Good quality kettlebells are made according to one of two general design styles - competition kettlebells (so