How To: Hanging Leg Raise (Beginner to Advanced Progressions)

When it comes to abs, bodybuilders and strength athletes agree… The hanging leg raise is the king of core work.  A strong core is foundational to a strong body. The strength you develop

The Ultimate Guide to the Kettlebell Swing

"The swing is a fat-burning athlete builder." - Dan John The dynamic full-body workout you get from kettlebell swings is unbeatable. Power, strength, cardio… it’s all here (and then some). The kettlebell swing

The Ultimate Guide to the Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is a simple yet powerful total-body exercise and is the best way to learn how to squat with a kettlebell. In this article, we're breaking down the

The Bulgarian Goat Bag Swing

This goofy sounding exercise could be the missing link in your kettlebell workouts. Developing a strong, consistent hip hinge should be a top priority for new lifters. The hinge is the

Kettlebell Windmill Ultimate Guide

The kettlebell windmill is a classic strength/stretch lift that develops shoulder stability, core strength, and hip flexibility. Mastering the windmill will give you a powerful tool to get in touch with your lats and obliques and the pliability of your posterior chain.