It’s Time To Get Stronger Than You Ever Thought Possible

If you want to:

Set more personal records…

Get a lean, athletic physique…

Train hard without pain…

Then you’re in the right place!

Good training is all about getting stronger so you can tackle life’s challenges and feel great doing it.

Proven Methods For The Everyday Athlete

My name is Zack and it’s my honor to coach those in the pursuit of strength, performance, and optimal health.

For over a decade, I’ve been helping people just like you achieve some pretty amazing things…

  • Losing 30 pounds and get taken off medications
  • Get their first pull-up or pistol squat
  • Gain muscle, strength, and newfound confidence
  • Break powerlifting records
  • Run Spartan Races
  • Get in the best shape of their lives with nothing but a few kettlebells

And most importantly – find a love for fitness and build a lifestyle around continuous self-improvement.

I do this in a few ways:

My Origin Story

I was never a very athletic kid growing up. I was clumsy and had a hard time with the first rule of sports – keep your eye on the ball. Baseballs hit me more than I hit them. I did show early promise in wrestling but soon quit because, in all nerdy honesty, getting all my homework done felt more important.

In college, I developed a taste for pasta bar lunches, pizza dinners, and PBR dessert. By junior year, I was in a bad place physically and mentally. The Great Recession was in full swing and things didn’t look promising for a kid with little ambition or marketable skills.

To blow off steam, I’d take my iPod and walk/jog endless laps on the rec center track. After some time, I found my way to the dumbbell rack and the land of bicep curls and trap shrugs.

Those workouts, if you could even call them that, may have been ineffectual, but they did help me make an obvious connection – when I exercise, I feel better. And when I feel better, I’m more productive, peaceful, creative, and confident.

Slowly, I began researching training methods, posting questions in forums, and watching video tutorials. I became enchanted with the idea that you could transform yourself from the inside out with the right plan and attitude.

The pursuit of strength became my North Star.

When the time came to hire my own personal trainer, I sought out the best I could find – a coach with deep experience not only with lifting, but kinesiology and physical therapy as well. Under his tutelage, my knowlege and strength (particularly with the kettlebell) reached new heights.

After months of preparation, I was certified as an RKC kettlebell instructor and thus began my full-time career as a personal trainer and strength coach.

Over the ensuing years, I worked in almost every training environment imaginable – from big-box corporate gyms, to public parks, to boutique studios, to living rooms full of toddlers and puppies.

My clients, likewise, have run the gamut from competitive powerlifters and kettlebell enthusiasts, to busy professionals and grandparents.

What they all have in common is a passion for living a great life enhanced by a fitness practice.

Training changed my life in so many wonderful ways and my mission is to pay it forward with the best content and coaching opportunities I can offer.

So thanks for reading and I truly hope my work has or will help you in your journey.

– Zack