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“I decided to join Lifetime Fitness after hitting my eight month pregnancy weight (without actually being pregnant again). I was skeptical to invest in a personal trainer because of past history with gyms that provided a few sessions with membership. When I did my HealthScore with Zack, I sat in his office and cried because I was overwhelmed and upset at what poor health I let myself get in. I was so worried about everything and everyone around me that I stopped taking time to take care of myself.

Zack has been an instrumental part of getting my life back. He has not only been an amazing trainer but also a counselor and a friend. Throughout our time working together he has always been compassionate about what’s going on in my life and making sure that I was taking care of my mind and body.

From day one Zack has kept me motivated and accountable for my own success. We worked together to set goals and determine what worked and didn’t work for me. I didn’t want to just go to the gym and work out on the elliptical, but had no idea where to start with anything else. 

Charlotte Personal TrainingZack was able to teach me how to use the correct muscles and do all of the exercises the right way. This was especially helpful with having to relearn how to use my stomach muscles following a c-section. I had never worked out with kettlebells or attempted to do deadlifts or back squats. I think he made sure I hit a personal record at least once a week. I never would have thought that I’d be doing 35lb Turkish get-ups, 175lb deadlifts, 155lb back squats, or one-legged pistol squats.  Zack has also made sure that I understand the importance of taking daily supplements, eating right and what turned out to be one of the most important things for my weight loss – getting enough sleep.

I’m more efficient with work and have been able to find the balance in my life that I was lacking, and it all came from just taking care of myself and sticking to the program that Zack has helped me to establish.

In the past five months working with Zack, I have lost 35lbs and gone from 32% body fat to 15.5% body fat. I am in the best shape of my life and feel amazing!”    

— Sheila H



Let me start by saying I am a normal person (just like you) that tries to deal with a job, family, getting enough sleep at night, paying bills and the stress of everyday living.  I have never been into exercising –  I had two previous gym memberships before this, and yes, I was one of those people who joined in January (with very good intentions),  went three times, and then could not wait for my contract to end.

I don’t know why I joined LifeTime Fitness last June; maybe it was looking in the mirror one day and finally getting fed up with what I saw, and saying to myself – it’s now or never.

Not really having too much faith, I thought what could it hurt?

I figured a good start would be to hire a personal trainer to show me the ins and outs and hopefully encourage me to stay longer than 3 days.  That was the best thing I ever did.  I started with a personal trainer in order to work with someone who could show me exactly what I needed to do and how to get where I wanted to go.  That is when Zack Henderson entered my life.  I believe he is one of the best ones out there.

I think the biggest concern when you hire someone to perform a service for you is, you think – are they going to do what I need them to? And are they going to do it in the way I expect, to get the results I want?  Zack was more than what I expected.  He came through with flying colors

I never believed I could transform my body down 3-4 dress sizes,  I have not been this small since my college days.  I thought I was doomed to be overweight the rest of my life, because isn’t that what happens when you are a woman and you reach a certain age later on in life?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I am proof of that.  If an individual like me who never really exercised at all (and never liked it before) can achieve the results that I have, than trust me, anyone out there who wants to change their body, mindset and ultimately their lifestyle, CAN DO THIS TOO!!!

My favMameorite part of training was actually seeing the results.  That was worth every minute of hard training put forth and every penny spent!

I have already recommended him to family/friends and will continue to do so.  But all I have to say is, if you want someone that can actually do what they say they can do and give you the end result you are looking for, then go with Zack Henderson!

His positive attitude makes you want to continue onward.  Step 1 of my training was weight loss, and that was definitely a success (44 lbs. in 4 months) and I feel absolutely amazing; and, I have no doubt that Step 2 of my training (the strength phase) will be just as successful!

I have had other trainers in the past, but I have never been with someone like Zack, who always pushed me to the next level.  Most importantly, he never gave up on me and the fact that I could actually do this! Six months ago, I never would have believed I would be where I am today.

Another important thing I have gotten out of this training is an elevation of my self esteem and confidence; they have both jumped 100%.  Not only has my body greatly improved, but my minMamepushupdset has also.

All I can say is THANKS ZACK — for transforming not only my body (and giving me boundless energy), but also my mind and my lifestyle to a more healthier and happier state!  As to the future, I just want to keep getting stronger and stronger, and by continuing to work with Zack, I know I will get get there!”

— Mame H

 Tracy rediscovered her strength!



“When I moved to Charlotte this past spring, my biggest concern was losing the routine that I had worked so hard to establish before I moved.   I had worked with a trainer in the DC area for the year and a half before I relocated.  I was concerned that I would quickly get out of my routine and fall back into my former inactive/workaholic lifestyle.  I had very high expectations on what I was looking for in a trainer as well as the type of training that I wanted to do.  I had honestly given up on finding that in Charlotte.

Even though the gym is a bit of a commute, I decided to give it a shot since Zack had been recommended.  After the very first training session, I was thrilled because I knew that this was going to be a good fit for me.  Zack has exceeded my expectations as a trainer and coach in every regard.  I have seen significant progress just in the few months that I have been working with him.  He pushes me to work hard and to be better, but never to the point where I want to give up.

My favorite part of training has been working toward my goals and achieving things that I had never imagined that I could.  On my first day of training, Zack had me write down a list of any goals that I could think of.  At the time, most of the goals seemed somewhat unattainable.  I have already accomplished so much more than I would have thought possible.  I feel like each training session is just that — training.  I am not just doing a random workout, I am training towards all of the goals that I have set.  Each time I hit a PR or am able to do something that I had not been able to do before, it is incredibly motivating to me.  I look forward to evTracyKBery training session as I know that each one gets me that much closer to my goals.

He also gives me “homework” to do at home so that I can continue to work towards specific goals outside of my training sessions.  Zack has been able to show me what I am capable of, and as a very goal oriented person, that is extremely motivating to me.  I am the strongest that I have ever been.

I recommend Zack to pretty much anyone that I talk to.  Everyone knows how important my training sessions are to me and how much of a relief it has been to me to have found such an amazing trainer in Charlotte.  He has a way of making all of his clients feel as if they are his only client.  He is professional, encouraging and puts you at ease from the moment that you meet him.  He also helps to push you past any limits that you have set for yourself and realize your potential.

In 3 months, I lost almost 20 pounds and my body fat decreased from 33% to 25%, and I gained a newfound love of strength training and working towards my goals.

My decision to train with Zack was the absolute best decision that I made after moving to Charlotte!    I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to train with someone of his caliber.”

— Tracy C

90Day-2 90Day-3









Tracy’s Powerlifting Records:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.17.28 AM

Tee Got Beach-Ready In 6 weeks!


“Zack is the best trainer ever. Over the last six weeks I’ve trained with Zack I have lost 12 pounds. He is so knowledgeable on the key elements to becoming fit.

My goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle and Zack is helping me to reach that goal. He is truly inspirational and I really appreciate him and all he does!    

I had a bad experience with a trainer in my past. This trainer did not listen to my goals and I ended wasting money. However, Zack helped me overcome those fears.


 — Tee W

 Mike took a chance and lost 48lbs!


“Yes, it’s true – I’d never been to a gym in my life.  Not even when I was 15, really.  In December, I decided to join a gym, with the encouragement of my wife, and my great kids.  Although I am 44 years old, I was scared to join.  It was over-whelming and a little nerve-wracking.

I met Zack, and hired him as my personal trainer; the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. He started with me from the very basics, like a Kindergarten kid. He taught me everything I’ve learned, was very patient, helpful, and knowledgable. I couldn’t say enough about him.  He is awesome. Well, when I first started, I weighed 229lbs, now with his help, I now weigh 197lbs 181lbs. Thanks, Zack, you’re the best!”

— Mike A

Claire Thomson Turned Pro!

Tom became a Spartan racer at 59 years young!




“Just a short note of thanks to Zack in helping me reach my fitness goals this year. I have been training with Zack since April and his guidance and leadership were key ingredients in completing my Spartan Trifecta. I look forward to working with him this coming year and appreciate the effort and intelligence he brings to our training sessions. Thanks Zack!”

         – Tom S.


Cindy Became Stronger Than She Ever Thought Possible!


Cindy’s State Powerlifting Records:
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.17.11 AM



Meghan Became an Accomplished Powerlifter!

“I honestly cannot find the words to describe how amazing it has been to work with Zack over the past three months; it has truly been a privilege. When I started working with Zack in September, my goal was to maintain my weight, increase my strength, and tone up and I was able to do just that with his help and guidance. With Zack’s coaching and motivation I have been able to get my body fat percentage as low as 19%, obtain personal records with swinging a 106 pound kettlebell, deadlift 235 pounds, and complete 11 weighted pull-ups!!! None of which would have been achieved without Zack’s skills and training regimen.

During our sessions, Zack is always attentive to my needs and how well I’m doing with the exercise; he is able to recognize when I need to be pushed a little harder, which I greatly appreciate, because I tend to cheat myself, but he pushes me to go harder and further! If you’re looking for a trainer with a great personality, someone who’s flexible and extremely knowledgeable… Zack is your guy!”  — Meghan B

Rich Got Back in The Game and Lost 35lbs!


Rachelle Took Her Passion To The Next Level!

“Before I signScreen shot 2014-06-22 at 6.00.17 PMed up to train with Zack, I had the motivation to get fit, but not much direction.  Zack is a fantastic instructor, and always keep every training session interesting, from what exercises we’ll be working on, to random bits of trivia. Even when I’m about to collapse from the intense activity, I usually am laughing too.

I really appreciate the meeting we have before I start the workout, where we talk about daily and weekly goals that I can set for myself, as well as longterm fitness goals. I would recommend Zack to anyone young or old, at any fitness level! I can’t speak highly enough of his skill, training, and easy personality!!!” — Rachel F

Shavone found her strength!

ShavoneI joined Life Time Fitness in January 2014.  I was skeptical about joining a new gym.  I just knew they were going to try and promote “Personal Training”, which I was not a fan of at first.  I got a free consultation when I joined, and that’s where I met Zack Henderson. I was not only impressed with how he was interested in my goals, but the fitness terminology he shared with me.  Every question I would ask, he would have a complete definition, example, and a solution… Bam!!!  That’s what I am talking about.  This guy really knows his stuff and it shows.  After the consultation, I was still skeptical about personal training. 

Several weeks went by, and then finally my journey with Zack began in mid-February. I have to admit it was a little rough at first, but Zack kept pushing me.  I am so much stronger now.  I am doing more pushups, lifting heavier weights, and even pull ups!!!  Whoop! Whoop! 

ShavoneI am really impressed that Zack started me off doing pull ups, which I hated, because I did not think I could do them.  I started off doing 7 pull-ups w/ 80lbs of assistance.  After training several weeks, I am doing 7 pull-ups w/ 53lbs of assistance.  Now, that’s strong!!!  I could barely swing a kettle bell, at 20lbs, and now I am swinging 53lbs, one handed.  Talk about strong!!! Zack is the man with the plan when it comes to diet and nutrition.

I asked Zack over tons of questions about what to eat, when to eat, and different supplements.  He really knows his stuff! Zack is a wonderful trainer and I can gladly say, my friend.  I enjoy starting my Monday & Friday with Zack Strong!!!  Thank You!”

— Shavone C


“Three months ago I was convinced that I would never be able to do pull-ups. I thought my window of opportunity to get into the best shape of my life had already past, but I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

When I signed up for my orientation with Zack I still wasn’t sure if I wanted a personal trainer, but I knew I didn’t have the experience in the gym to be successful on my own. During my orientation Zack stressed the importance of taking the time to learn correct techniques and to have a work out based off of my personal goals. My first attempt at getting back into fitness left me with a shoulder injury that I was afraid to hurt worse. Zack’s ability to work through injuries, while teaching correct form, not only kept me from damaging my shoulder further but has also helped me strengthen it. Today, only three months later, I feel the strongest I have ever been and I know it’s only the start.

One of the first things I remember saying to Zack was that I didn’t want to be that girl who only used an elliptical at the gym; today I am confident in the gym, focusing mainly on deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, and my personal favorite – kettlebells.”  — Kristina T

photo (1) “After herniating my L5 disc during the spring of 2012 performing a squat incorrectly, I joined up with Zack in July 2013 to pursue my weight lifting goals and do it right this time. We hashed out all the exercises that aggravated my back and found workarounds. Zack educated me these past months on what it means to weight lift and how to get those results through basic techniques.

I’ve hit personal records on the bench press, deadlift, chin-up, and kettlebell swings multiple times. He knows what he is talking about, how to read you, and get the best results from you. There is only one condition – You have to want it. Zack will do the rest.”

— David K

“I had the privilege of working with Zack for almost 6 months. I learned so much from him and he was a great personal trainer. He pushed me to be the best that I could and provided me with workouts that I could work on at home when I wasn’t in the gym.

He helped me to build up my strength and helped me to beat a couple of my records. It was really exciting to see my strength build up over the course of those months. I would recommend Zack to anyone. He is a great guy and a great trainer that understands what you want out of each work out and the goal you are trying to obtain.”

— Jordan W


“I’ve had a few other personal trainers and I was never especially happy with my results. I told Zack this the day I met him. He’s been, by far, the best I’ve worked with. In addition to introducing me to kettlebells – which I’ve learned to actually like. Zack understands my long term goals and is helping me attain those. He has taught me how to incorporate those goals into shorter term results and, maybe most importantly, he has taught me that it is okay to struggle with new exercises or new weights. He has also helped me to understand the truth behind the statement: “Progress, not Perfection.”

In the months we’ve trained together, I’ve set a whole bunch of amazing PRs; more importantly, I’ve noticed improvements in every aspect of my fitness – coordination, strength, confidence and consistency.”

– You listen. You don’t have seem to have some pre-determined idea of what a person *should* do. You listen to what they want (and, at least in my case, don’t want) and you plan accordingly. I’ve never felt like we work out based on your agenda, I feel like we go according to mine (or more specifically, my goals).

– You show interest. You seem to be genuinely interested in helping your clients succeed. In being … better. Along with this, you help people organize their fitness. In my previous experiences, training felt chaotic, almost haphazard.

– You motivate. I’m not sure I can explain this very well. You make people want to do better, without ever telling them they HAVE to. You have a way of creating a desire in people to improve.

– You are never condescending. This point may seem minor, but nothing makes me angrier than haughtiness. It goes with the last point, too, but it never feels like you’re judging.

– You guide. You provide a lot of guidance. For me, it is in the way of articles and things I can read to help me understand *why* or *how* to do something better. It is similar to listening. You know what I want and what I need and you guide accordingly.

– You’re approachable. Let’s face it, Zack, you are friendly.  You make people feel comfortable with you.

– You’re attentive. You pay attention when we are training. Again, it may sound minor but it’s not. It means a lot to me to know that you are actually paying attention to what we are doing and not being distracted by someone else in the gym.

— Lynnette D

“I would recommend you to everyone I know because you always come up with different ways to help me and you always make sure that what we’re doing is working for me.

Most trainers always have the same boring routine and for the most part we always do something new. I also like that you call my BS and push me to my limits.”  — Kay J

“My goals for fitness as an ‘aging adult’ are: remain capable of being active, maintain overall strength, continue to address areas of weakness, e.g. flexibility and balance. In the past I have received invaluable help with resistance and core training from excellent trainers.  The greatest and most satisfying challenge has come from regular yoga and yoga-based classes. Thus, I was interested in Zack’s exercises that precede more specific kettlebell work. And I believe his experience with yoga allowed him to start where I was. His emphasis on breathing and stretching, increasing muscular strength through tension, and insisting on proper technique for each exercise would correlate best with what I am practicing in yoga.

My sessions with Zack were, to me, eye-opening. Most of them involved no equipment more complicated than a mat, and simple but challenging exercises and poses that involved circles, twists, massage, bends, spreads, flexion, and extensions. The simple challenge of rising from a supine position (Turkish get-up) as an exercise in coordination, strength, and balance; planks and push-ups that actually engage the whole body; becoming conscious of ankles, lower back, toes, shoulders, and simple exercises to engage them.

Zack has helped me fill in a lot of gaps and round out my fitness program: resistance, cardio, yoga, and what I call ‘Zack’s stuff’ (which, of course employs them all but with no machines or complicated equipment necessary). This means my workouts are always challenging but never dull. (Dullness, the enemy to staying fit!)  Zack is patient, positive, encouraging, inventive, knowledgeable, and very intelligent.”  — Ken B

  “Zack is truly an excellent trainer. I worked with him for over two months, and the results I have achieved (balance, flexibility and confidence) to date are due to  Zack’s perfect combination of diverse training methods.

photo (1)

He suggests exercise routines that are individualized and challenging, but not more than you can handle. He understands your goals and truly cares about your personal well-being. If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then Zack is the right choice!”

— Vijayshree D

“I had free training sessions and was assigned to Zack. I was impressed with his knowledge of not only kettlebells but with fitness and weight training as a whole. I consequently signed up for more sessions with Zack and focused on core/strength training and building those areas that I thought I knew well. Got some amazing insight into the base that I was lacking and got a great return on my investment. Zack covered all of the base compound movements with proper form and uncovered those weak limiting areas in my current fitness. Highly recommend!”  — Lou C

“On my 44th birthday in January I promised myself that I was going to be at least 60 lbs. lighter by my next birthday.

The day of my first appointment with a trainer, there was some miscommunication, and he was not there to meet me, so that is how I met Zack.  We talked about my goals and why I wanted to lose weight.  He answered all my questions and put me at ease assuring me that my goals were attainable once we set a plan and stick to it.  Well that would be the hard part, sticking to it.  I have never been a real fan of trainers, and never really lasted more than two months with any of them in the past. 

However, Zack is a little different.  He is persistent but nice about it, and pushes me further that I think I am able.  During our sessions I have his undivided attention, and I leave satisfied that he is focused on helping me.  Zack is also working with me on nutrition which is great because along with training and exercise, I need to have a balanced diet.

So in my humble opinion, Zack is the complete package, and I am happy to be working with him!” — Michelle T


“One of the best instructors I have ever worked with. Very helpful and knowledgeable not only with the kettlebells but every area you can think of working on. I had a lot of fun working with him! Has great enthusiasm and energy which is great cause it motivates you to push harder as well. Would definitely recommend working out with him!”  — Mihir S

“Zack is the first instructor I have met that knows his stuff when it comes to kettlebell training. Kettlebell training provides excellent all around training that has been left out of most peoples workout. If you are looking for a new way to get in shape try kettle bell training with an instructor that knows what he is doing!”  — Matt L

“Zack has been my first instructor ever in fitness. I didn’t know anything about kettlebells before I started training with him. This particular workout is awesome – just a couple of swings and right after you are done, your heart just starts pumping like crazy… loved it! I started from almost nothing to now swinging a 32kg kettlebell. This is a great instructor, he shows you all the right techniques to accomplish your workout and get the best result out of it. I am getting better and stronger everyday! Thanks to you Zack!”  — Gildas D

“The kettlebell workouts he has shown me have been a great supplement to my normal workout regiment. The strength and balance exercises have greatly helped me improve on areas I’m not used to working out as heavily. I’m typically more of a running focused person and use weight training as secondary, however Zack has shown himself to be knowledgeable about exercises that I am able to use to supplement my training runs. He’s very personable and is great at what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”    — Mike S

“Zack’s wealth of knowledge in all fields of human health and well-being make him the ideal source of wisdom for the proper education of one’s overall fitness.  Zack goes beyond just knowing proper form and being able to display to one the correct way to work out; Zack knows why certain muscles and joints do what they do at different angles and what stretches and counter-stretches aid in successfully pulling off an exercise routine. Zack’s ability to tailor not only workout schedules and guidelines for a trainee, but nutritional suggestions to aid in ones goals makes him an invaluable trainer. His emphasis on actually showing how to do the exercises he describes displays that he practices his craft himself. Zack has been a massive help to getting me on the right track for my fitness goals.”     — Matthew H


“I have had the opportunity to work with Zack a few times, and I must say he doesn’t disappoint. To some people it might be unorthodox with the kettlebells, but I must say the man is a genius when it comes to them. I went into the sessions with little knowledge on kettlebells, but now I use everything he showed me in my workouts. Everything he offers is such a great tool that can be translated to everyone’s workout. I highly recommend Zack, He is a great person that will teach you new things that will blow your mind.”    — Rory N

“Zack has helped me achieve movements and use muscles that were dormant for a long time. I love the kettlebell workout, great strength training and stretching your body. I am 40 years old and feel so much better, I am not hurting my knees or back as I did before. He customizes work outs for you, upper body one day and lower body the other. I have lost inches and fit in my clothes better, BMI down and burning more! I have invested in my health with him and I am glad I did. Thanks Zack.”   — Amina M

“I’ve been training with Zack for about a month or so now, and I’m already seeing great results. Before I began training with Zack, I had never set foot in a gym, so I was a bit uncomfortable lifting weights on my own since I was afraid of hurting myself. Zack really helped me out by showing me proper lifting techniques and helped me develop a good routine to follow.

I’ve seen great results with the strength training. I can lift more, I have better endurance, and have more muscle definition after the first month! I feel great, and I have more energy.

I would highly recommend Zack to anyone looking for a good trainer. He’s friendly, very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks, Zack!”

— Steve D

“Wow, Zack has really been such an asset to me when it comes to figuring out how to work out at the gym. Honestly, I was wary about using the machines and free weights before Zack’s training. I didn’t know how to attempt the kettlebells or using any machine properly. Walking into the gym felt very overwhelming. I didn’t have a plan of action before. Zack, however has created workout routines and a list of exercises for me to do at the gym. Zack gave me insight into which machines to use and which to avoid. He showed me many exercises to target my problem areas. I am becoming more confident with the kettlebells too. Thanks Zack for helping me feel like a warrior at the gym. You are so patient with me, and I appreciate the knowledge you’ve passed along.”
— Jaimee D

“Fed up with my sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle; I decided to dedicate time to reach a healthier me. However, this was not enough. I needed help as to what to do and how to do it. I was clueless. I had the opportunity to meet Zack, the best day of my journey to a fit me. He is very knowledgeable and well rounded when it comes to the plethora of information he has to offer. From nutrition to how to properly use the gym equipment to kettlebell swings he is the man to go to.  Zack is so good that I even decided to contract him as my personal trainer – WELL WORTH IT! I joined the 90 Day Challenge and he has helped me to secure a position in Top 10. I’m pleased. He is enthusiastic about what he does and motivates me to push myself to reach my goals.”
— Ivey R

“I was fed up with being out of shape and I knew there was something more that I could be doing. I purchased a gym membership but that was the easy part. If you are anything like me you have no idea what to do with the overwhelming array of machines, the variations of techniques or basically where to begin. Enter Zack. As a personal trainer Zack has shown me techniques suitable for home and a wide array of things to do in the gym. He gets an understanding of the whole you as in where you are physically as we’ll as some of the outside habits that may hinder you such as eating unhealthy. He keeps you on your toes which is great to get a total bodywork out. I have been training with Zack for about 2-3 months and the difference I feel in my strength and endurance alone is proof that he is good at what he does. He comes highly recommended from me!”

— Whitney R


“I met Zack 3 months ago at Life Time Fitness. I weighed 274 pounds when I started working with Zack in the group classes.  Zack has been a great help and inspiration to my life and my health. Zack has always taught me to push myself as much as I could.  Zack had asked me why I wanted to lose weight? and I replied back for myself and my son. He asked me if I had a picture of my son in my phone? I said yes, he told me to keep the picture up every time that we where running so I can remember why I was doing it. So I started doing what he told me, 3 months later, and looking at the picture of my son when I felt like stopping and quitting, I have lost 30 pounds. Thanks to the help of Zack’s guidance and advice I was the loser DAD and now I’m the HERO DAD… For me Zack is my Hero and I am so grateful for what he has done for me and my family. From a Loser to a Hero!!!”  — Walter T

“I worked with Zack while I was in Charlotte for several weeks visiting family. Zack does a great job of explaining the overall exercises and breaking down the exercises into the small steps so that you can really understand the routine. Zack showed great patience in working around all of my injuries/weakness accumulated from many years of sports. His overall approach is very positive and supportive. I highly recommend Zack for beginner or advanced trainees alike.”   — Shawn B

“I was a little skeptical about getting back into training — the time, the money. But it was a great choice. Zack has been the best trainer I’ve had, combining physical challenge with just the right amount of success to help maintain my motivation. Thanks Zack!”
— Jo C

“When I first considered working with Zack, he told me that if I gave him an inch, he would give me a mile. He has given me nothing less. He has had to work around a replaced ankle and a depressed spirit. He is fantastic. I also like that he considers more than just traditional workouts – I feel like I have gotten physically stronger. Zack is sincerely interested in my progress. I don’t feel like just another client.”   — Andrea C

My name is Linda Mertens.  I am an SFG2/SFL certified coach as well personal trainer.  I have been in the industry since 2004 and work part-time at a local gym in Minneapolis. I have an extensive background in endurance training as well as kettlebell training.  I wanted to attend a Strong First Barbell Certification but had very little experience with barbells as well as I wanted to work on my strength.  I decided to hire Zack Henderson as my coach.


I had met him through another SFG/SFL Tracy Cook.  I was so impressed with her strength feat of bottoms up pressing a 24 kg kettlebell.  First thing I said to myself was “who is her coach”?

I started training with Zack in January of 2017 with the goal of attending and passing an SFL (which I did EASILY, I might add) and possibly doing a powerlifting meet.  Zack was the right fit for me as he has extensive barbell experience as well as coaching powerlifters.

I was extremely hesitant to do online coaching.  I had done it in the past and it was not a good experience.  Zack is really setting the bar high for online training.  He has exceeded my expectations.  I get weekly training plans along with video links to all the exercises or lifts.  Zack is always available via text for questions and responds promptly.  We have weekly coaching calls to go over training. I send videos of all my major lifts for feedback.  Zack listens to my concerns and is extremely supportive of my goals….

My current goals are to compete in a powerlifting meet in March of 2018.  Zack will be there coaching me and helping me with the logistics of a meet.  My goals are to break the Minnesota state squat and deadlift record for my age and weight class.

My favorite part of coaching with Zack that it is collaborative.  I have some input into programming.  I also like that we have strength phases as well as hypertrophy phases. I am also getting stronger as I get older and that is a great thing at the age of 51!

I recommend Zack to everyone who is looking for online training.  The value is fantastic and the experience has been phenomenal!  I could not ask for a better coach.

I started working with Zack when my previous coach pivoted her business to another specialty. I had tremendously enjoyed the experience of 1:1 coaching and the results were incredible. I needed to find a new coach who could program for a 50-year old woman with a history of athletic training (and the injuries and strength imbalances to prove it.)
There were two "must haves" on the list:

1.expertise programming for people with my combination of serious goals + age bracket

2. serious Hardstyle kettlebell expertise 

I had followed Zack for a while, often referring to his amazing (and free!) movement content on YouTube, and I really appreciated his helpful coaching cues. He coaches competitive strength athletes (including Masters). Plus he's a genuinely kind, fun human! It was an easy decision to work with him.

What a great decision it turned out to be. Working with a coach you find on the internet and never met in person could be really challenging--but working with Zack couldn't be easier nor could it feel more supportive. From the initial onboarding to the programming documentation (and video support) to post-workout updates to weekly reviews and regular calls, it's just really easy to know what I need to do, when, and how, and to report back how it all went.

Zack's programming is creative, thoughtful, goal-oriented, personalized, and a little bit uncanny. The first program included some things I wasn't sure I could do--he was right then and he continues to accurately predict what will be challenging but achievable. That said, rarely do I end a workout feeling anything but fantastic. Plus, I've crossed two goals off the list already: "Simple" and the Snatch Test. 

Of course that means new goals are added: I'm looking at you, "Sinister" and state-level USAPL deadlift record. Zack is terrific at encouraging new goals and jumps right in to support them with safe and sane programming. 
I can't wait to see what we can achieve together going forward! -- Emme

I would highly recommend Zack - as a trainer his focus is on the whole body: strength, nutrition, mobility, balance and flexibility. Whatever your needs are and your focus he is equipped and knowledgeable to deliver your program.

I enjoy our communication via email and phone. He is always there to help and direct me when there's an area in the program I don't understand. His programs are well-balanced, which I mentioned earlier with strength flexibility mobility and balance.

Zack is an honorable man, he has your best interest at heart, very easy to communicate with and is interested in my well-being. I enjoyed working with Zack one-on-one at the fitness center and online training has worked very well for me. -- Pattie

Working with Zack has been super easy and fun and he’s always there to celebrate successes!

I like the structure of each session and how my feedback is incorporated. Things are always challenging but I still end each session feeling successful.

Zack is compassionate and approachable. He’s a great communicator and really know his stuff. His approach to exercise/coaching is in line with my ethos regarding fitness being for EVERYONE in that you meet people where they are and celebrate along the way. -- Gus

My experience with Zack has been the best decision I have made thus far in my strength and fitness journey. His attention to detail, insight and straight up expertise is beyond impressive. Zack’s ability to tailor and customize a program based on my goals has delivered results that went beyond my expectations. Since working with Zack and sticking to his program, I have put on noticeable muscle and have gotten significantly stronger as a result. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about kettlebell hard-style mastery and gaining strength. Thanks to Zack’s coaching, I feel confident to aggressively go after a SFG1 certification at 50 years old and COMPETE with candidates 20-30 years younger than me.

My favorite part of the coaching program is the targeted and relevant 1:1 coaching and the customized training plan that follows. I also appreciate how available and responsive you are to questions and ongoing advice. You truly are MY coach. --- Jeff Glueck, SFG

Working with you, I experienced a level of support I had never had from prior coaching.

I always enjoy your enthusiasm surrounding my efforts and successes, as well as your eagerness to provide knowledge and educate me on WHY we were doing things and how we can do things best. I always know you have my overall health and wellness as your first priority. Even further, you pushed me to set goals for myself, which no other coaching experience has done that for me!

Your positivity and enthusiasm, combined with your extensive knowledge, experience, and client successes, made it a no brainer to hire you! --Stephanie

Absolutely would recommend Zack. It's a pretty easy relationship, he tells you what to do, you go do it, and then you reevaluate what's working and what needs to be changed. Repeat until you're like "Oh shit, I'm strong now."

The flexibility of the coaching is amazing. We had to work around a pretty severe rib injury and a surgery, and Zack was totally fine with adapting to keep improving what could be improved. He was pretty straight forward about telling me what goals should be the most important.

Zack's programming does what it says on the label. I got stronger, I got bigger, and I never felt like I couldn't handle the volume or the intensity. I tore a core muscle doing something else, had to train around it, and still managed to set a deadlift PR, a press PR, and a pull-up PR within two months of the injury. -- Brad

Absolutely would recommend Zack! You are very easy going and laid back, but also pushed me to challenge myself when I didn't think certain exercises were possible for me to do.

I appreciated that you started with the basics for someone who was a baby beginner like me when it came to exercising lol. You didn't rush me through anything and was able to work with me and my weird schedule. I also liked the encouraging feedback and the rearrangements of my workouts every 2 weeks so I don't get bored. You are also very approachable and easy to reach!

Also, loved that your instagram shows you are in this to educate, motivate and be positive in life! This was all new to me and have had an amazing experience so far!

I want to thank you for taking the aches and pains away in my body lol. On a serious note, I think I learnt so much about my body, posture, corrective alignment etc through these last few months. It's also all about feeling your best self and not trying to achieve a certain look. I have felt so much better- both mind and body now, than I have ever felt and feel stronger and healthier than I did 5 years ago. So thank you for being a part of the start of my lifelong fitness journey! -- Tara

Working with Zack has been a great experience, he's patient, attentive and a good listener. If you are looking for programming and a coaching experience that's not of the commonplace, impersonal, one-program-fits-all variety, Zack is your guy!

Zack genuinely cares about my goals and designs programs accordingly. He seems to be equally skilled at knowing just how much to push and deciding when to dial things back.

Zack is genuine and it comes through right away. Zack assisted at my Level 1 StrongFirst kettlebell certification weekend & I was very impressed by his skill and knowledge of all things kettlebells. A few months later I found out he also coached powerlifting and I couldn't engage him as a coach fast enough - best decision ever!!

I was very hesitant to engage an online coach and discussed this with Zack during our first coaching communication. Zack didn't push me to commit to a lengthy package up front, which I appreciated. We are now more than a year into our coaching relationship, and he hasn't ever pressured me to continue with his services. Instead, he puts his energy into earning my business every chance he can. He is a great coach and an ethical businessman. -- Lisa