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As a young up-and-coming personal trainer, I was fascinated with the feats of strength the old time strongmen were famous for.

Stuff like tearing phonebooks, breaking chains, and hoisting preposterous poundages...

But my favorite feat was steel bending.

Once I ordered a steel bending practice set from Iron Mind magazine, I was hooked:

The feeling of solid steel slowly bending under my relentless effort was a total thrill.  

I tapped into higher levels of strength and focus... and the results showed.

I knew I had to use this technique with my clients... but how?

Steel bending is incredibly tough on the hands and just not practical for most people.

The answer came a few years later in the form of a decidedly throw-back exercise gadget.

Unlock New Levels of Strength With The 
 Old-School "Power Twister"

While studying the work of a modern French strongman, I discovered how a simple spring-loaded stick could mimic the steel bending pattern.

The chest, shoulders, and arms were used to bend the stick to create a pump-inducing squeeze.

Best of all? 

Totally repeatable, user friendly, and FUN.

This was the answer I'd been searching for.

I snagged a stick off Amazon and immediately found great use for it in both my own and my clients' training.

And now, after 5 years of practice and experimentation, I'm putting all the best pec stick exercises, challenges, and programming concepts in one place...


Power Twister Secrets

Transform How Your Body Looks and Performs With
 The Power Twister

Here's what you get when you sign-up today:

Bending For Brawn - My top secrets revealed for getting the most strength and muscle gains out of your pec stick training 
100 Bends-A-Day Challenge: Your jumpstart plan to dramatic results in just 30 days
Buyer's Guide - Get the right stick and resistance level  
The Pec Stick Exercise Vault - Over 60 demonstration videos complete with instructions and variations  
The "zig-zag zip-up" technique for an instant boost in muscle engagement
The Bending Basics Workshop - 4 ways to modify and intensify any pec stick bend 
How the pec stick "supercharges" your fundamental movement patterns (push, pull, squat, hinge, carry) for more stability, tension, and raw strength
Learn the 3 pec stick programming concepts - Prime, Pump, Play
How a boost in pectoral activation improves shoulder function, mobility, and strength
A ton of ideas to bring new life (and ab cramps) to your boring core work
No stick? No problem! Discover 3 pec stick alternatives to train the squeeze (you probably already have at least one of these lying around right now) 
Program examples - How to incorporate the pec stick into a well-rounded training program

The Bonus Vault...

To make Power Twister Secrets one of the most in-depth training courses ever, I'm including a stacked collection of fun bonus resources to keep you growing:

Neck, Wrist, Ankles Protocol: A 3-step plan to fortify your body's most neglected areas, and get even stronger and more resilient along the way ($29 value)

The "Notorious 9" Pec Stick Challenges: A collection of brutal, yet fun workouts you can taunt your friends with ($19 value)

Pec Stick Live Workshop Video: Nearly 60 minutes of previously unreleased video from my pec stick workshop at Lift-A-Palooza 2023 ($49 value)

Power Twister Secrets is a deep dive into the application of this simple, tough, and fun training tool.

But make no mistake - the strength, muscle, and physical skill you'll develop will translate across to all of your efforts in the gym and sport. 

Here's the deal:

When you register today (at a steal of a price), you'll get instant access to the full course and all bonus materials.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I get a pec stick?


You want a bigger, stronger upper body...

You want to supercharge your standard old core and lower body exercises...

And you want to do it all while having *more* fun!

What if I'm a total newbie?

The pec stick is super beginner-friendly and a great way to start your fitness journey.

After watching the first module, you'll have a solid understanding on how to handle the stick like a pro.

The best part? 

It's so much fun, you'll have a hard time putting it down šŸ˜‰

Will I get jacked?

Even better - you'll get Zacked.

This means your total-body strength, mobility, and work capacity will increase simultaneously.

You'll notice after just a few weeks into the first challenge.

What if I'm an advanced lifter?

If you pick up even one new idea that sharpens your training or coaching methods, it's well worth the price of admission.

In Pec Stick Academy, I guarantee you'll get years' worth of ideas to keep you busy.

When will I get access to the course?


You'll receive your membership info via email as soon as you register.

Are there any additional costs?


Can I see the course?

Here's a sneak peek...

Here's What Others Are Saying About Their Pec Stick Experience...

"Iā€™m bench pressing for the first time in a very long time. 

The pain I had before has really minimized.

My forearms and chest get toasted for sure. 

I am traveling this week for work and I plan on bringing the stick with me in my suitcase."

-- Jeff, kettlebell instructor

"After 2 weeks, my max-rep push-ups have gone from 12 to 19!"

-- Damon

"I religiously adhered to the challenge for 30 days and in that time I added 7.5kg to my bench press comfortably, was able to PR on a 32kg strict kettlebell press (and got super close to 36kg). 

I'm curious to see what other PRs are down the road.."

-- Maggie, powerlifter & strength coach

-- Molly, strength coach

"I completed the month-long power twister challenge.

Lots of fun with a unique stimulus. All I did that month was the pec stick and some deadlifts.

No dips, pushups, pull-ups, etc....

Forearms firmer with more muscle development - especially the brachioradialis. 

Biceps, pecs, deltoids, even abs all firmer with a bit more muscle in the delts.

Tested push-ups - 6 more.     

Pull-ups - 2 more.

This may not look good on paper, but I took it to mean that without performing them for a month, I was able to maintain baseline numbers and even add some reps.

Overall, the stick is definitely something to keep in the training arsenal."

-- Steve, program beta-tester

"The pec stick fills a crucial role in training - working the chest without the need to lie down or have a big cable stack."

-- Andy, strength coach

"It may look weird, but damn it's fun and I'm already noticing a fuller chest and stronger forearms."

-- Matt

About Zack Henderson

For over 10 years, I've helped people just like you achieve their fitness goals in a fun and sustainable way.

Through online content and in-person coaching (say hello if you're in Nashville), my passion is helping people find their own love for fitness and a lifestyle built around continuous self-improvement.

Access the course, watch the videos, and try the workout routines risk-free for a full 60 days.

If you don't get noticeably bigger in your chest, shoulders, and arms...

or experience a boost in total-body strength...

and if you're not having *more* fun in your training...

 Just reply to the support email and I'll refund every penny. 

No questions asked.

To Your Strength,

P.S. - If you're interested but you have any doubts or questions, just send me a quick note by clicking here and we'll chat about it.

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