Unlock The Secrets Of The Kettlebell To Build Muscle, Lose Weight, & Become Your Strongest Self 

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Now It's Your Turn to Step Confidently Into
The World Of Kettlebells

The kettlebell, that odd-looking cannonball-with-a-handle, has taken the fitness world by storm.

Once an obscure tool used only by the most hardcore strength athletes, now you can find kettlebells everywhere from big-box gyms to college dorm rooms.

It's true: Kettlebells changed the fitness game.

We now have thousands of case studies from folks all over the world whose results prove that kettlebell training can transform the way your body looks and feels for the better.

But the kettlebell's meteoric rise also spawned legions of charlatans...

Kettlebell quacks who fill social media feeds with fancy but useless workouts and downright dangerous advice.

It's hard to know who to trust...

Especially as a beginner, you want to maximize your results (and minimize injury) by learning the best form and exercise techniques.

And as a kettlebell instructor with a passion for helping people, that's exactly why I created this training course.


The Kettlebell Foundations
Online Course

A Step-By-Step Beginner's Guide To Kettlebell Training

I've been training real people (of all ages and skill levels) with kettlebells for well over a decade.

With the experience of thousands of training sessions, I've refined the process of learning kettlebells the right way - for strength, endurance, fat-loss, and injury prevention. 

Today, you can get my best kettlebell training material all in one place, tailor made with the beginner in mind.

Here's what you get when you sign-up today:

In-Depth Kettlebell Technique Tutorials

We break down each movement for faster learning and more powerful results

Progressions & Variations

Learn fun ways to modify any exercise to fit your goals and skill level

Pro-Level Coaching Cues

You'll discover a ton of quick & easy cues to boost strength, power, and flexibility

2 Kettlebell Training Programs

Kettlebell Foundations walks you through 2 progressive, periodized training programs (includes printable .pdf files and digital spreadsheet options)

And Much More...

Meticulously detailed instructions (video and written) on how to perform the top 14 most important kettlebell exercises
Master the foundational kettlebell lifting patterns (hip-hinge, squat, press, row, carry, bottoms-up) to build your strongest body ever
The simple truth about how many kettlebells you need, what sizes, and where to buy them
My #1 rule for getting (and staying) strong
The professional mindset for long-term motivation
11 kettlebell safety tips for avoiding common mistakes and injuries 
How to develop a strong core (and protect your lower back)
Quick & effective daily joint mobility warm-ups 
2 kettlebell press variations for strong, stable shoulders (most people don't do)
Discover your optimal squat stance (quickly and easily)
Full follow-along videos so you can work out with me in real-time

Plus The Kettlebell Foundations Bonus Vault...

To make Kettlebell Foundations one of the most in-depth kettlebell courses ever, I'm including a stacked collection of bonus programs, workouts, and resources to keep you growing:

Follow-Along Swing Practice Session

Refine your kettlebell swing skills and get in a great workout

Kettlebell Workshop Collection

Over 5 hours of deep-dive workshop videos

The Kettlebell Core Challenge

21 Days to Obliterate Weakness and Excess Fat while forging an iron core with the power of the kettlebell

The KBCC Nutrition Habit Guide

Ditch fad diets and harness the power of habits to fuel your body in a healthy, sustainable way

20 Swing Workouts Collection

collection of 20 swing-based workouts pulled from my own training logs and client programs

The Kettlebell "Spicy 7"

My 7 favorite beginner kettlebell complexes for total-body strength, endurance, and mobility

Kettlebell Foundations eBook

The original version of the course in eBook form for on-the-go quick reference

Members-Only Discount to Lift-A-Palooza 2025

Join us in Nashville January 24-26th for a weekend of hands-on learning with the best in the industry

Kettlebell Foundations cuts through the noise to deliver a clear process for getting everything you want out of your kettlebell training.

You'll develop useful lifting skills and get surprisingly stronger along the way.

Here's the deal:

When you register today (at a steal of a price), you'll get instant access to the full training course and all bonus materials.

Get Kettlebell Foundations now for just


Frequently asked questions

How many kettlebells will I need?

Just one! However, to get the very most out of your training, get a set of 3 bells.

Don't worry - I explain exactly which sizes you'll need in the first module.

What makes Kettlebell Foundations different?

Many programs jump right into advanced exercises and offer little instruction on how to learn and refine your form.

Kettlebell Foundations walks you through every exercise progression you need to actually get good at kettlebells.

The periodized program guides you step-by-step through increasingly complex moves so you don't waste time and energy slogging through confusing workouts.

What if I'm a total newbie?

I designed Kettlebell Foundations to be the best resource for anyone interested in getting started with kettlebells or fitness in general.

No matter your age, sex, or fitness level, this program will shave years off your learning curve and produce immediate results.

Will I get jacked?

Even better - you'll get Zacked.

This means your total-body strength, mobility, and cardio will increase simultaneously.

Many clients report denser, firmer muscles and an easier time climbing stairs after just a couple weeks of kettlebell training.

What if I'm an advanced kettlebeller?

The master never stops sharpening the basics.

If you pick up even one tip that improves your training or coaching methods, it'll be well worth the price of admission.

And if you're a personal trainer yourself, don't even think about passing up this deal to get a comprehensive guide on coaching beginners.

When will I get access to the course?


You'll receive your membership info via email as soon as you register.

How long are the workouts?

The routines are designed to be effective *and* efficient and can easily be completed in less than 30 minutes. 

You'll also get the option to workout 4-6x/week based on your schedule.

Are there any additional costs?


Can I see the course?


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Here's What Others Are Saying About Kettlebell Foundations...

"PACKED with all the keys to fitness you'll ever need"

"Zack is a colleague, mentor, and friend and has helped shape my career as a kettlebell coach.

I appreciate Zack's straightforward yet genial tone throughout this course - he breaks down each essential kettlebell movement with such precision (and brilliant use of videos, images, and written word) that you won't need any other course after this one.

In fact, the full training programs Zack includes are worth the price of admission alone.

If you're a fan of Dan John (like Zack and I are), you will find this course saddles up nicely with Dan's friendly dude-at-a-bar tone, yet sneakily packed with all the keys to fitness you'll ever need.

I will continue to use this book as a reference guide as both a coach and lifelong student of the kettlebell."

- Nikki Veit, SFG II kettlebell instructor & founder of the 901 Kettlebell Club

"I'll refer to Kettlebell Foundations for years to come"

"Zack has distilled over a decade of training, research, and experience into an easy-to-follow course.

I've been a coach for years and have seen many fads & gimmicks come and go. The methods in this course will stand the test of time.

Despite my years of experience, I learned a ton from this course!

Kettlebell Foundations takes you on a journey, deep into the trenches of training with a single piece of equipment: the kettlebell.

This is not simply a "copy and paste" program, it was written from Zack's deep passion for learning. Whether you're a kettlebell newbie or veteran - it doesn't matter. 

If you want a simple, foolproof method to building a strong and resilient body, this course is for you!

I'll refer to Kettlebell Foundations as one of my training manuals for many years to come."

- Demarco Crum, DV8 kettlebell instructor

About Zack Henderson

For over 12 years, I've helped people just like you achieve their fitness goals in a fun and sustainable way... often with a kettlebell in hand.

Through online content and in-person coaching (say hello if you're in Nashville), my passion lies in helping students find their own love for fitness and a lifestyle built around continuous self-improvement.

Kettlebell training fundamentally changed my life.

First, by giving me direction in my workouts...

Then, by the ability to help friends and family get started with fitness...

And now, through the opportunity to share my passion with people around the world.

Kettlebell Foundations started out as a simple ebook with my favorite cues and progressions I use every day with my clients.

Now as a fully built-out online course, it's the next best thing to having me in the gym with you.

Access the course, watch the videos, and try the workout routines risk-free for a full 60 days.

If you don't get dramatically more skilled and confident with a kettlebell, just reply to the support email and we'll refund every penny. 

No questions asked.

To Your Strength,

P.S. - If you're interested but you have any doubts or questions, just send me a quick note by clicking here and we'll chat about it.

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