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Whether you are just now considering competition, or have several meets under your belt, having a coach can make all the difference.

Powerlifting can be intimidating and the training techniques are nuanced.  General fitness advice from the average personal trainer simply will not do.

If you're ready to eliminate the guess-work, become the strongest version of yourself, and have a great time doing so... your wait is over.

Everything you need for success on the platform... Right at your fingertips.

Enjoy a combination of custom programming and a sweeping library of online strength education

  • One-on-One Coaching Calls

    Have you questions answered in real-time as you share training updates with Zack

  • Your Training Program

    Your routines are written just for you and updated regularly based on progress and preferences

  • Exclusive Lessons

    Access to video lessons on cutting-edged strength techniques, mobility, and training progressions


  • Form Checks

    Film your lifts and receive immediate feedback!

  • Private Facebook Group

    Network with a group of like-minded lifters!

Zack is great with distance coaching, responsive and timely, and overall very accommodating for a variety of situations.  Following any program to the letter can be challenging and Zack makes it easier by adapting to fit the athlete.

I really appreciated the workbook to follow and document the program, periodic check in calls, all the adaptations made to fit my situation, and the general positive approach when I was struggling.  Also that he did not "over-coach" but was always helpful through inquiry and problem solving 🙂

- Laura Tinti

Signing up for my first powerlifting meet took me way outside of my comfort zone, yet proved to be one of the most rewarding goals of my life. I would not have even considered doing a meet without Zack as my coach.

As a result of my training in the months leading up to my first meet, I saw incredible gains in strength and felt very well prepared for the actual day of the meet. Zack exceeded my expectations as a coach in every regard, and helped to make that day one that I will never forget!


Not Interested in Competing? No Problem.

It's not always the right time to take the platform, but it's always the right time to get stronger!  We can upgrade your strength skills and set personal records regardless of where you choose to do them.

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