Take Your Strength AND Physique To The Next Level With Kettlebell Synergy

Here's How To Maximize Your Strength and Power (While Cutting Fat + Building Muscle) With Just A Few Kettlebells

"What's the best way to train with kettlebells?"

I've spent the last 10 years investigating this very question.

Whether you want to be as strong and jacked as possible, or just look, move, and feel better, there are a handful of methods that always deliver. 

After thousands of hours in the gym working with hundreds of students from all walks of life, I can confidently rely on a formula that maximizes the potential of any athlete.

Behold The Power Of SYNERGY... 

I'll be honest - I'm a programming nerd.

Experimenting with exercise combinations, techniques, volume schemes, and cycles is a real passion.

A good workout program is like a good recipe: The right mix and sequence of ingredients makes all the difference.

When everything comes together just right, there's a magic, or synergy, that creates a result greater than the mere sum of parts.

And that's exactly what I'm offering in my new training course - Kettlebell Synergy.

Here's what you'll find inside:

1) Build Endurance and "KettleBooty" With
Classic Swing Interval Training

There is no shortcut for rapid improvements in both physique and performance.

But the kettlebell swing sure comes close.

As a coach, I've found an influx of swings can take care of my students' most pressing issues. Stubborn body fat melts off, strength numbers jump up, and you just feel taller and better aligned.

2) Skyrocket Strength and Muscle Gains With The Evil Alchemy of Kettlebell Front Squats and Military Presses

Savvy lifters, athletes, and bodybuilders employ high-rep squats to set off the "hormonal cascade" that aids in building muscle and torching fat.

In particular, the double kettlebell front squat is well known for fortifying the body from head-to-toe. "Armor Building" as strength coach Dan John would say.

The military press offers us a master class in strength training.

Mechanically, the press is one of the most challenging lifts to master.  And therein lies the secret to its power as an all-time strength and muscle builder.

When you dedicate your efforts to the military press, you'll sculpt a classically muscular upper body with mobility to match.

Taken together, the dynamic duo of kettlebell presses and squats will slap a huge helping of functional muscle on your frame all while developing super strong and resilient hips and shoulders.

3) Put Your Strength and Skills To The Test With A Collection of My Favorite Hard-Hitting Kettlebell Complexes, Chains, and Supersets

The kettlebell is the most versatile tool we have in our fitness toolbox.

In the final phase of Kettlebell Synergy, we breakaway from a strict programming scheme in order to "play" with new, novel workouts and even do some old-school isolation pump work (gasp!). 

The result will not only solidify your hard-won strength gains, but put the "finishing touch" on your fat loss and muscle building efforts.

A No-Nonsense Nutrition Course
To Maximize Your Results

From a training standpoint, you can make great strides in your performance by by simply following the workouts...

But to maximize your physique results in the cutting of body fat and building of lean muscle, we must be as diligent and focused in the kitchen as we are in the gym.

I'm not going to needlessly overcomplicate things, nor am I going to suggest any sort of strict diet.

Quite simply, I'm going to walk you through a flexible and proven method that, when paired with the KBS workouts, will produce rapid results.

* Includes "Hunger Hacks" bonus content - straight talk and top tips for staying sane while losing weight.

And Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1) Shoulder Synergy: A collection of smart strategies for building and maintaining strong, pain-free shoulders.

The drills in this manual have kept my shoulders not just healthy, but strong and growing through years of hard lifting in the gym and harder sparring on the jiu-jitsu mats.

Bonus #2) Supercharge Your Swing: My top-secret tips for maximizing each and every kettlebell swing rep while squeezing even more results out of your training.

A Stronger Version Of Yourself Awaits...

Kettlebell Synergy is your new just-do-this training program.

You'll get a clear roadmap for getting everything you can out of your kettlebell training - now and for years to come.

Here's the deal:

When you snag KB Synergy today, you'll get instant access to the entire bundle:

The Kettlebell Synergy Training Guide
KB Synergy Expansion Pack (get even more out of the program with repeated run-throughs)
3 Phases of Kettlebell Synergy Workout Routines (PDF downloads)
The Nutrition Video Series + Cheat Sheets
Bonus Report #1 - Shoulder Synergy Guide
Bonus Report #2 - Supercharge Your Swing 

Get Kettlebell Synergy Now For Just $79

Here's What Folks Are Saying About Kettlebell Synergy...

"Kettlebell Synergy is the definition of simple, yet effective programming that will take your physique, strength, and skills to the next level.  Not only does Zack teach you HOW to master the kettlebell swing (among other movements), he teaches you how to program all these lifts into your weekly routine for superior results.

And that's not all.  Zack went a step beyond writing a training plan and included a very detailed, user-friendly nutrition guide to boot!  This guide will answer all of your burning questions as well as offer advice and strategies for achieving the best physique results when coupled with his training program.

As a kettlebell coach myself, I've seen a lot of programs out there that simply skim the surface and leave the student with more questions than answers.  Whether you're new to the kettlebell or an elite practitioner of the bell, this new book is for you.

Frankly, Zack is charging far too little for this course (sorry to call you out, man).  The price is worth the nutrition guide alone.  Get this ASAP before he gets smart and ups the price!"

- Nikki Veit, SFGII, SFL, Co-founder of 901 Kettlebell Club

"The thing I love most about KB Synergy is how you take the basic movements and make them more advanced simply by the structure of the program.  

Many so-called advanced programs these days are just needlessly complex flows.

This is the type of program I know will get me stronger, while allowing me to continue to hone my techniques in the tried-and-true lifts.  I am so excited to incorporate this into my own training!"

- Tracy Cook, SFGII, SFL, USA Powerlifting coach, referee, and national champion

About Me

Zack Henderson

Coach & Author

For over 10 years, I've been helping people just like you achieve their fitness goals in a fun and sustainable way... often with a kettlebell in hand.

Through online content and in-person coaching (say hello if you're in Nashville), my passion lies in helping students find their own love for fitness and a lifestyle built around continuous self-improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Kettlebells do I need?

You won't need a massive kettlebell collection to get the most out of KBS.  Just 3-4 bells will get it done.  

Ideally, you'll have a pair of bells for squats and a weight you'd like to set a military press PR with.  The manual details exactly what bells to use in each phase.

What makes Kettlebell Synergy different?

Many programs lack sound and sustainable periodization from week to week and month to month.

Kettlebell Synergy builds up and off of itself every step of the way.

What if I'm a total newbie?

I suggest picking up Kettlebell Foundations. 

Run that program first, and you'll be ready for Synergy in no time.

Will I get jacked?

The periodization model is designed to help you cut body fat, build muscle, and maximize your strength.

Work hard and you'll come out in your best shape ever. 

What if I'm an advanced kettlebeller?

Heed this review from Tracy Cook:

"The thing I love most about the program is that you are taking the basic movements and make them more advanced by the structure of the training.  Many so-called advanced programs these days are complex flows that are more complicated than advanced.

This is the type of program that I know will get me stronger, but also allows me to continue to hone my technique on the tried-and-true lifts.  I am excited to incorporate this into my training!"

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Download the materials and work the program risk-free for a full 60 days.

If you don't love the results you're getting, just reply to the support email and we'll refund every penny. No questions asked.

P.S. - If you're interested but you have any doubts or questions, just send me a quick note by clicking here and we'll chat about it.

To Your Strength,