Try our best time-crunched workouts you can do with just a kettlebell and your own body...

Say goodbye to long, boring at-home workouts and exclaim "HELLO!" to our 14-Day Swing + Push-up Challenge!

Here's the deal - getting fit and strong isn't rocket science.

In fact, to get the best results from your workouts, it pays to focus on just the select few exercises that offer the most bang-for-your-buck.

And if you want to sculpt a strong upper body, lose a few pounds of body fat, and build the infamous "kettle-booty," there are two exercises that always deliver the goods...

Kettlebell swings and bodyweight push-ups!


Give us some good 'ol fashioned hard work and we'll show you a stronger, more resilient version of yourself in just two weeks!

Here's What You'll Get In The Challenge Program:

14 fun and fast workouts that will boost strength and burn fat
Step-by-step tutorials for executing flawless swings and push-ups
Access to our private Facebook group 

The workouts are laid out clearly - no jargon, spreadsheets, or math to contend with.

You will feel challenged, but not burnt out. 

And if you've been in a training rut this winter, these 14 days will get you back in the zone!

You in?

Cool, we can't wait for you to start!

And that's why the 14-Day Swing + Push-up Challenge program is available at a steal of a price for just $20 

PS - As soon as you sign up, the program is yours to download and keep.  Start today or hang on to them for when you need a two-week boost!

PPS - Your payment is secured via PayPal and we offer a no questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee.  That's right - you could do the whole challenge twice and we'll honor every penny.

Thanks again for checking out our stuff.

We are so honored to help you on your fitness journey.

If you have any questions or concerns, just drop us a line here.

To your strength,
Tracy & Zack